Charcoal briquettes

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The company CARBO-BRIQ was founded in September 2008. It manufactures charcoal briquettes. It is the result of a merger between the Bordet-Maîtres Feux Group and the company Carbobois. The raw material (small wood charcoal) necessary for manufacturing this product comes mainly from two sites.

Located in Braize in Allier, at the heart of the Tronçais forest, the factory covers 10 hectares with 7,000 square metres of buildings.

Carbo-Briq bureaux

With cutting-edge equipment, CARBO-BRIQ meets every current environmental and safety standard.

Carbo-Briq machines

CARBO-BRIQ also has an internal structure that monitors quality and product traceability.

Within the context of our group's development, CARBO-BRIQ has an objective to recycle collected waste and create a natural and top quality product.

Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes are products used at home for barbecues.

Through its rigorous manufacturing process, our charcoal briquettes are very high quality products.

They meet the European standard NF EN-1860 and the DIN 51749-B standard.

Its long burn duration will satisfy every barbecue requirement.

The final product is packed in 3 to 10kg bags for the end-consumer and their barbecue.

CARBO-BRIQ primary concern is to present a natural, high-end product.