Charcoal briquettes

Manufacturing charcoal briquettes

Technique for briquette manufacture

Charcoal briquettes are the result of mixing fine granules of coal with a natural, alimentary binder and water.

The raw materials are processed under the best conditions, respecting environmental safety.

The mixture then passes through a press to form the charcoal nuts or briquettes. They are dried in a kiln to remove any moisture so that they are solid enough to be used in the same combustion devices as regular pieces of coal.

Carbo-Briq bureaux

Carbo-Briq machines

The product is then automatically weighed and bagged in bas of different sizes ranging from 3 to 10kg.

These bags are grouped on EUROP pallets that are filmed and stocked in our covered warehouses.

With cutting-edge technology, Carbo-Briq meets all the current environmental and safety standards.

Our processes ensure consistent quality monitoring and traceability for our charcoal briquettes


Respect the environment.
Use this natural product.

processus de fabrication des briquettes